Guest Post: How To Keep The Spark Alive This Valentine’s Day

  Hey everyone, today I have a special valentines guest post by the lovely Nat, a 28 year old blogger who originally started her blog when her boyfriend proposed. She's now happily married and lives in Brighton with her husband and their cat James. Nat loves shopping, travel and the occasional cocktail! You can find Nat tweeting at @martinnathalie9


When you’re first dating your significant other, you pull out all the stops. You’ll agonise over outfits and the perfect venue for a date, making sure you always have gum handy and smell good enough to eat. During the ‘honeymoon period’ of a relationship, Valentine’s day is a big event. As we slowly relax into a more comfortable stage though, it can lose some of its significance. However, when you’ve been together for a while, it is very important to work at keeping the spark alive and show your beau that you still care. Valentine’s day is the perfect time to appreciate your partner and celebrate the amazing relationship you have created together and here are some ways to do it.

Have a Valentine’s morning


Instead of seeing it as just an evening event, treat your Valentine to a day full of appreciation. Start off by setting an alarm to wake up a little bit earlier than your partner and make them a special breakfast. If they’re not big on food in the morning, then a card and coffee will do just as well. Or on the other hand, if your sweetheart is a breakfast lover and you both have the time, you could take them out for an early morning treat together. It’s all about making the effort to show your other half that you find them just as exciting as you did when you first met and that you love them even more now.

Get them a thoughtful gift

valentines gift

Although we always love receiving flowers, there is a lot to be said for getting the special lady in your life something with sparkle. I don’t know a single woman who wouldn’t be thrilled receiving jewellery as a gift, especially from their partner. Try to get something to match her personal style; some girls prefer more glitz and glam whereas others go for a more understated look. The same goes for the ladies buying gifts for their guys – if you want to make him feel special, get a present that he’ll love. Steer clear of comedy gifts and look for something personal, if he’s a watch guy for example try getting him a travel case or a watch winder for his automatic collection. Or if he loves smart shoes, get him his very own shoe polishing kit.

Make an exciting evening plan

Valentine’s night doesn’t have to mean going to the only restaurant in town where you can get a reservation at the last minute and pretending to enjoy yourselves as you sit squished in the corner between lots of other couples. You can do something completely different, maybe your girlfriend would love to go to an art gallery or even ice skating! If you do fancy going somewhere for food, you could find a deal for a Michelin Star restaurant. Why not pair this with a gift from a men’s designer clothing range to give him something dapper to wear whilst enjoying an incredible meal! Try to think a little outside of the box and capture a little of the spontaneity and fun that you had at the beginning of the relationship.

Take a short trip

If you want to be really romantic and give your beloved a Valentine’s day to remember, whisk them away on a mini break. It doesn’t have to be Paris, although that is guaranteed to get you huge brownie points, you could go anywhere! For those who don’t want to go too far afield, you could try a castle break and live like royalty for a day or two. Or go for something a little more intimate like a couple of nights in a log cabin in Scotland with a hot tub and open fire to keep you cosy. Alternatively, if your partner loves going abroad, perhaps a last-minute trip to Morocco or Egypt where you can get some sun.

Just because you’ve been together a while, doesn’t mean that you should stop making an effort for your beau. It’s not possible to make every day like a first date and it’s totally natural to get comfortable with your partner. But when Valentine’s day comes around you, it’s the perfect opportunity to spoil the special person in your life and show that you care about them even more than you did when you first met.

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What are your plans for valentines day?

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