Autumn Fashion at StyleWe

Back in July I wrote a blog post about fashion website StyleWe and items I would love to own but now I am looking at their new collections for Autumn by their independent fashion designers. Colour trends for Autumn that StyleWe are focusing on include black, camel, red and green. Out of these colours my favourite at Autumn time has to be camel because it's so chic and easy to wear, I am currently on the hunt for a camel coat.

Coats and Jackets

When I am buying a coat or jacket for Autumn I like to have every occasion covered including evening wear, casual wear and when its raining (we have plenty in England) so a hood is essential. I think as shoppers we tend to spend a little more on this essential wardrobe item, below are my favourites from StyleWe.


I love wearing jumpers and cardigans again they are so comfy and so easy to style with a pair of skinny jeans, tucked in a skirt or even thrown over a shirt. I recently got my jumpers out of storage and didn't realise how many I had. Below are my favourite knitwear pieces from StyleWe.

 When I wear dresses in Autumn/Winter I always look for ones I can wear to work and outside of work so they need to be to the knee or below and I always like to wear them with black tights. Long sleeves and cute patterns are always a bonus, these ones I have picked out from StyleWe would be perfect.


Because of the weather being a lot chillier at night when I go out with friends or date night with the boyfriend it's so easy to throw on a skirt with a nice top. I usually opt for a midi style or to the knee, which StyleWe have plenty of online including the silver skirt which is very suitable for Christmas parties.

You can also check out StyleWe YouTube here and blog here.
Which is your favourite Autumn product from StyleWe?
Liz x

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  1. Love the first coat! Will definitely see if I can find one over here!

  2. The black printed dress and the pleated midi skirt are two items I personally would choose. Overall, they are gorgeous!

  3. Great Selection I def can see myself wearing most of these pieces

  4. I am in LOVE with these pieces, especially the demimn skirt. Looks so fun :)
    Katja xxx

  5. Love your selection for jackets! I agree that a Camel colour coat is a staple and have been on the look out for a great one myself. Great picks! Tal xo

  6. These are some great picks. I'm definitely into leather jackets and cardigans when it comes to fall fashion.

  7. Love all these items!

  8. I've been obsessing over getting an orange coat but I haven't found the perfect one yet. I really like the one featured here though!

  9. Wonderful picks! I should definitely get a new coat for autumn/winter :D

    ~ Jasmin N
    Little Things With Jassy

  10. Camel coat and pleated skirt for sure :)

    xo Karoliina |

  11. I love the orange coat! It's so autumn.

    Beth || Visit me at

  12. didn't know that website!
    thx for sharing!
    xo, Margot

  13. Absolutely love the colour of the first coat! So pretty!

    Tatjana x