Flying Tiger at Selfridges Birmingham

Having been a fan of Flying Tiger (formally just tiger) and their quirky affordable products for over a year now so you can imagine my face when I was asked to go to the new store opening in Selfridges and purchase whatever I wanted. It was happier than a tiger. (excuse the pun)

The new concession in Selfridges Birmingham is a big deal because its the first time the danish design store has opened an outlet inside another store. Officially opened on Friday 5th August (next to Cath Kidston) they offer an exclusive range of scandinavian products including homeware, toys, sweets, party wear, stationary etc.


This is everything I bought including a blue pillow which is great for travelling, moustache table tennis and an umbrella because well we live in England and does it ever stop raining?! 



Homeware purchases included a flamingo glass £2 & cocktail shaker £7 this has been used to death already. Hot weather equals cocktails. 



Plus a sewing kit (£4) to go with my sewing machine, candles (£3) which smell devine and tiger even make washing up seem less dull with these heart shaped sponges (£2) for the kitchen. 

They sell a wide range of stationary & games for kids and ADULTS! I love the idea of a mini jenga for taking on holiday and a cute pen and chocolate notepad for work. It almost looks edible!

And last but not least chocolate & sweets! I went for some sour marshmallows, coconut chips and rice cakes. Even the packaging is quirky and fun!

Are you a fan of flying tiger? Have you been to the Selfridges concession yet?

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  1. Love all these things!! :)