How To Make The Outside Of Your Home Look As Good As The Inside

There’s a saying among realtors, is that you should buy the worst house on the best street. That doesn’t mean that you have to buy a bad house, it means that the area you choose to live in is more important, so when it comes to spending your budget, don’t be afraid of having to do a little work on a property in order to be able to live in the perfect place. 

If you want your property to look more impressive on the outside, there are many things you can do to achieve this. 

Add an extension

A well-designed extension or garage can give you that vital extra space and increase the value of your home. Rather than a traditional build, look at oak framed building kits for that extra touch of luxury. 

Update the roof and windows

An old, patchy roof and old windows are sure-fire ways to bring the look of your house down. Get the roof, guttering, and window frames replaced in order to get it looking better. This is one of the more expensive changes to make to your home but they will perform more than a cosmetic change. They will also reduce your energy bills and reduce the risk of leaks and further damage. 

If you have wooden window frames, then you could have these restored and prepaint without having to replace them. 

Upgrade your front door

One of the first things people will notice about the front of your house is the door. So if yours is in need of a refresh, then youll need to do something about it. There are many styles and colours of door available. Or you can refresh your existing door by giving it a coat of paint and replacing the hardware such as the hinges, key hole and door handle. If you do it well, it could look like a brand new door for a fraction of the price. 

Give everything a spring clean

Invest in a pressure washer, or hire someone to come and give everything a good clean for you. This includes the facade of the house, driveway and paths. You’d be amazed at how much dirt accumulates over the years. 

Add some greenery

Flowers and shrubs can make a home look welcoming and elegant. If you don’t have the time to garden often, choose low maintenance shrubs and planters that need very little done to them. Thank about adding planters to either side of your path or door too. 

Final thoughts 

There are lots of reasons to focus on the outside of your home. It can make you feel as though the outside reflects the inside, so if you spend a lot of time and effort on the interior, it’s nice to see that attention to detail reflected for others to see. Additionally, it can also make your house more appealing if you should ever sell it, resulting in a quicker sale and even a higher price.  Regardless of your budget, there are changes that you can make to improve it. 

Liz x

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