Tips for Choosing a Wedding Theme

For many of us, the idea of getting married can be exciting enough, and sometimes an overwhelming (yet positive) fact to be wrestled with. It means that we’re finally going to tie the knot with someone we adore, and that in itself is cause for celebration. A wedding is also important in that it allows you to make a public declaration of your love, in front of your family and friends. It can serve as a momentous event both of you will cherish for the rest of your lives.

Of course, when your excitable emotions start to settle, you may realise that no wedding arranges itself. A lot of planning competency is required to help you structure this event in a manner that works for both of your tastes. It’s unlikely that you’ve planned many weddings before, unless you have a range of older siblings or this is your job to begin with.

This is where the fundamental questions can start to seem much more complex than they actually are, as you plan to get things right. For instance - how on earth are you supposed to theme a wedding in the first place? Thats a question I asked myself after I got engaged in September.

Consider Your Wedding Colour

Colour can be the basis through which the visual elements take shape. If you decide on a beautiful and majestic shade of red for your bridesmaid dresses, for instance. Then your bridal accessories, the flowers you choose to decorate with, the table settings, perhaps even the trimmings of your groom’s suit will want to compliment this. Knowing your main colour is a great platform to base the rest of your wedding design decisions going forward.

Expressing Your Personality

Don’t be afraid to express your personality as much as you hope too. For example, if you and your fiance are interested in a more gothic approach, or a more fantastical fairy-tale like design trend, or you hope to express your cultural roots through the outfits you select, you are free to do that. If you feel pressure to have your wedding a certain way and this is causing you stress, take a step back and breathe. Odds are, you’ll find much more variety available to you than you think, especially on instagram, pinterest and facebook wedding groups.

Don’t Overthink Your Wedding Theme

Don’t overthink things. It rarely helps. Sure, perhaps the petals of this particular rose do not perfectly match with your new bridesmaid dresses. Does this mean you have to keep ordering from the florist until it’s perfect? Of course not. It’s very easy to get obsessive over the tiny details when planning your own wedding, but this can only blind you to the larger truth of the beauty in front of you. Provided you give yourself time to enjoy this process and let the things that truly do not matter go, you will remember this time fondly.

With this advice, we hope you can theme a wedding without giving way to insecurity or emotional chaos.

Liz x

*This is a collaborative post

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