Why Paris Is The Perfect Place For A City Break

Anyone who wants to travel the world will at some point consider visiting the French capital. Not only is Paris famously the city of love, it also has a thousand other magnificent hidden corners to explore. In fact, for one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world, you could visit numerous time and always come across more and more surprises each time you go. In many respects, Paris is the perfect holiday destination, hence why I have visited three times in total and I'm sure anyone else who has visited will tell you, and which Parisians themselves will confirm with pride. But why is this so?

For Romance, There’s Nowhere Better

To start with the obvious, Paris is the number one spot for romantic getaways, I should know I went for my first trip away with the boyfriend for new year, making it even more romantic. Part of Paris beauty is that it serves equally well as a surprise weekender early on in a relationship, or even as a proposal or birthday surprise. Whatever your relationship status, you are bound to find - or rekindle - love in this magical city. Those who say that Paris is a little cliche or over-done; if it is your first time visiting, those concerns will melt away the moment you see the Eiffel Tower - one of Paris most popular tourist attractions. 

Beautiful Architecture All Around

In Paris, a combination of gothic splendours with the everyday beautiful can be seen everywhere, most notably in the architecture of the buildings- everything from the Gare du Nord to the Arc De Triomphe and even hotels like Renaissance Paris Republique Hotel. Even without any prior knowledge of the city or its architecture, you will find yourself wandering around dazed by the sheer magnificence of it all, and it’s likely that you will be feeling like you never want to leave. Even if you are not that interested in architecture, it's difficult not to take note of the many historical buildings Paris has to offer.

Friendly Locals

You might well already have a preconceived idea of what the Parisians themselves are like. But you can be sure, that after a weekend in Paris you will discover the people are amongst the friendliest in the world. There are few places where you will feel more instantly welcomed, and this alone makes it a top tourist destination for any traveller. If you want to have an easy, laid-back time on your holidays - and who doesn't? Paris could just be the ultimate place to go.

Whether you have visited Paris before or not, it is a top location which everyone should visit at least once in life. Why not put it at the top of your bucket list for this year, and if you really end up loving it, you can always return too via plane or the more affordable eurostar via the UK.

Have you visited Paris?

Liz x

*This is a collaborative post but all views are my own

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