10 Functional Christmas Gifts for Her

When you've known a person for a long time it can get more and more difficult to buy Christmas gifts for them, but what if we really thought practically about those gifts and what the person may need more than want. Perhaps they have moved into their first home or are getting ready to go to university or starting their own business. Thinking about a gift that is functional with a use or a purpose will make it a whole lot easier to shop and I have lots of gift ideas to share with you. For example I've been brought a cosmetics box to store my make-up in, a mop and bucket and saucepans when I moved into my first home not very exciting I know, but I use them all the time. 

 1. Makeup storage cases

Whether you know someone who owns a lot of makeup or jewellery all over their vanity table or their full time job is as a beautician or hairdresser, Capital Hair and Beauty have plenty of storage cases in various colours, designs and sizes for Christmas. This practical gift means that they can store their brushes, toiletries, makeup or nail accessories neatly and organised plus they will be protected from any damage and easier to find when they are with a client or rushing to get ready on Monday morning.

2. Pom Pom Power Bank

An Iphone battery never lasts a whole day and lets face it it can be a nightmare if you're out and about from morning until dusk. Get the person who's constantly on their mobile phone a pretty pom pom keyring for their handbag which doubles up as a charger. This white version from Prezzybox is only £15.99 too.

3. Two in one jewellery holder

For the girl who owns lots of jewellery, this holder that has a detachable cone for storage inside. The cone part perfectly holds watches and bracelets and inside you can store your rings and earrings. The modern, marble design from Lisa Angel (£20) would look fab on anyone's instagrammable desk.

4. Magnetic photo frames

For the girl who loves to take photos or likes to share them in their home, these magnetic photo frames are the perfect gift for playing on the fridge or by your desk when you have ran out of room on the shelves. These 
photo frames from Debenhams (£12) come in a pack of six and a lovely floral or tropical print.

5. Tissue box cover

You're guaranteed most people have a box of tissues in their home but who wants an ugly box on display? Cover them in this modern grey and white box from John Lewis (£14) which will blend in with the decor.

6. Waterproof shower speaker

We all love a sing and dance in the shower, I know I do! But instead of placing your mobile phone in the bathroom to play music hook this Bench speaker (£15.99) to your shower and connect to any music device using Bluetooth.

7. Travel coffee mug

Every year people in Britain spend more than £2,000 each in high street coffee shops, think where that money could of been spent. Help your friend or family member save that money by making their coffee at home and taking it with them in this Kate Spade gold thermal mug £15 when they are travelling.

8. Scratch the world map

If she loves to travel, then let her show everyone where shes been with this scratch the world map £16.99. To use this gift simply grab the coin and start scratching off all the destinations you have visited, to reveal a stylish world map underneath. Once you've finished scratching you can proudly display their travel adventures.

9. Key Finder

Know someone always losing their keys? Then this is the most useful gift they could ever receive. The Tile Style Pro (29.95) attaches to just about anything you don't want to lose including your keys and once your phone is within 200-foot of the Bluetooth signal of the Tile it gets to work, the signal gets stronger and stronger the closer they get.

10. Bath rack and wine holder

What's better than relaxing in the bath? Having a class of wine and a good book to read too. This bath bridge (£19.95) is perfect for the girl who loves a bit of pampering, they can even rest their tablet on there instead of a book. 

*This post is in collaboration with capital hair and beauty but all thoughts are my own

Do you know any other cool gift ideas?

Liz x


  1. I definitely need one of those key tiles! I lose my keys all the time, especially at work. It would save so much trouble!

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  2. Great ideas! Sometimes the practical gifts are less fun to give, but more fun to receive. I would rather give someone something they are going to use, rather than something they give will away in a year.