Fitness And Cheap Gym Membership: A Guide To Getting Free Gym Passes

Fitness and health are important factors in contemporary society; this is the reason so many people choose to join a gym. Unfortunately, most of these people find themselves locked into expensive long-term contracts without ever stepping foot into the gym - well, beyond signing the contract, that is. 

Needless to say, we are all searching for a way to lose weight without having to spend thousands of pounds. When my local gym Xtreme Gyms opened last year, I managed to get an early bird deal of £25 a month which I think is about average.

This article below will provide you with information on how to shed the fat without having to spend a single penny, by making use of the latest free gym trials, pay-as-you-go deals, and no-frills contracts from approximately £10/month. Be sure to watch out for these contracts and keep an eye on what to do when the membership hits a snag.

Do Not Commit Unless You Intend To Use The Membership

It is common for people to pledge weight loss as a New Year's resolution or when they see the summer holiday approaching. As a means of losing weight, these people will sign up with a gym. While it may feel wonderful in the beginning, like you are making a start on the resolution, the resolution soon fades and at least 50% of people will disappear from the rowing machines.

Enthusiasm for a gym is similar to the novelty of a turkey Christmas dinner. It may be exciting in the beginning, but the attraction will soon wane once the turkey has been consumed. This is why the pros have coined the term 'gym turkey' as a person who enjoys the gym a few times before leaving forever. Do not become one of these gym turkeys.

Use Free Gym Passes

Before joining a gym, it is recommended that you use a free trial to test the gym to introduce a new fitness routine into your life. Another method of testing whether you are a gym person is by asking a friend if their gym offers free guest passes. By using this guest pass, you can test the gym experience and enjoy a workout with a friend for free. Below are some gyms that offer free trials and passes that can be found on WOWFreeStuff.

Head online and you will see that Fusion gym have an offer available until 30th April for a free day pass. You will be asked to select the Fusion gym of your choice for location purposes. You will be asked to enter your details and once you have done so, you will receive an email with a free pass code. The code needs to be shown to the receptionist on arrival for you to receive your free day pass. The pass allows access to all gym equipment and classes.

Fitness First
When registering with Fitness First, you will receive a free three-day gym pass. Once you have registered you will receive an email with the voucher and will need to activate the offer via telephone. Contact the Fitness First centre you are planning on using and tell them the details printed on the voucher.
Fitness First also offers a 'bring a friend free on Friday' pass. This offer will allow the member to bring a guest for a free workout session on any Friday. To allow the guest into the centre, you only need to sign them in at the reception area.

Anytime Fitness
Anytime Fitness has recently opened in my hometown of Stratford Upon Avon, offering a free three-day pass upon registration. There are over 100 Anytime Fitness centres across the UK and you need only find the nearest to your location. Unfortunately, there are conditions to this pass. The pass must be used within two weeks of registering and the days must be used consecutively. Furthermore, the pass is valid for non-members exclusively.

Nuffield Health
Any individual can obtain a free one-day pass from Nuffield Health by filling in a form on their official website. There is only one pass available per person and an appointment needs to be made to receive the offer. The pass is valid for one week online, so you need to wait until you are ready before signing up.

What gym do you go to?

Liz x

*This is a collaborative post


  1. These are great ideas! I'm not a gym go-er, but I know people who are. My daughter included. I'm going to pass this on. Thanks!


  2. Great ideas! I go to the most expensive gym- CrossFit - but I look at it as personal training which is makes it one of the least expensive options. Planet Fitness is popular for having low prices and of course if I really want to save money- I just go do something outside. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I feel like the universe is talking to me thru your post. Especially where it says " Dont use the membership unless you intend to use it "