Guest Post: Travel Trends 2017

New travel trends are forming all the time. International travel to South Asian countries is particularly popular these days. Many westerners on tight budgets are looking for the best deals they can when travelling. These Asian countries are aware of this and so they advertise their hotels, restaurants, and airlines to these westerners looking for a good deals. Besides, the value of western money like the dollar goes a lot further in a country like Thailand than a country like England. In fact, many people who stay in Thailand for an extended period of time claim they can survive in the country for $700 per month. This includes apartment rent, food, public transportation, and utilities. This is why more people are travelling to Thailand than ever before.



Of course, we cannot forget about Cuba as the most recent travel trend for Americans. For many decades, Cuba was off limits to American tourists because of the political conflicts between the two countries. Now Cuba is open to taking American tourists and it has caused a huge wave of travellers to go to the country for the first time. Many Cuban Americans who came to America as illegal immigrants were overjoyed that they could go back to their homeland for a visit and not worry about having to stay there. However, this may all change if President Donald Trump makes U.S. relations with Cuba worse instead of better.


Believe it or not, the country of France is still the most popular destination in the world. Even though they’ve had to endure numerous terrorist attacks and incidents, tourists are travelling to the country and showing that terrorists can’t keep them away from enjoying such a beautiful country with a vast history to it. Paris is still the most widely visited French city because of the iconic Eiffel Tower and other beautiful historical sites.



Many travellers on tight budgets don’t have to stay at hotels anymore. The hospitality app Airbnb now makes it easy and cheap for travellers to temporarily rent out a room in someone’s home while they are visiting their city or just passing through. Some travellers are even travelling the world doing this, which is something they could never have afforded before by staying at hotel rooms. We’re likely going to see more technology like this integrated into the travel industry and making it affordable and easier for travellers to get accommodations in any town or city they want.

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Hotel de hallan

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Have you noticed any travel trends this year? Where is your favourite place to travel too?

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  1. Happy to see that france is in this post :)
    If I could recommend Lille, Toulouse, Bordeaux and Lyon. These a great cities to visit (especially lille because I live there)
    Take also a good peak at French countryside, you will not regret it

    Cheers !

  2. WOuld LOVE to go to Cuba, I hear now is the best time to go... rocky times for them, but exciting!

  3. Oh wow, Cuba looks beautiful! I'd LOVE to travel there for the sunshine and the beautiful country! xxx

  4. I have been to France alot!! However, Thailand is on my list of to do's as it looks great :) x

  5. I've been to france a lot of times as a child, but Cuba looks amazing! Some of my family have been there recently and really recommend it too x

  6. Fabulous! Can't wait to make it to Cuba sometime!!

  7. Happy to see France, I went to Paris last year for my birthday and really loved it! Always wanted to go to Cuba too, looks so amazing!

  8. I went to Paris last year and could have spent all day looking at the architecture of the buildings x

  9. This post is amazing! I've been dreaming to go to Cuba ever since I was listening to a song called Havana :D

  10. I would really love to visit Cuba before it becomes overrun with tourists - it would be an incredible experience and I always keep an eye out for potential trip opportunities! Agree about South East Asian countries - they will always be good value for money and offer so much in terms of things to see and do - regardless of your interests or budget!

  11. Cuba is wonderful, we went last year would highly recommend!

  12. We are planning a Thailand trip in the next few years, Cuba and France would also be incredible. I'm happy people are still giving France their love :) Great post!

  13. I visited Thailand and Cambodia during Christmas and I used to live in France during my studies. I am heading to Cuba in June so I am happy I checked/will check all the destinations from this post.

  14. I'd like to go to Cuba!!