Digital Camera vs iPhone: Which one is best for bloggers?

If you're a blogger having high quality photography is a must. When I first started years ago I would take them on my mobile phone in the back garden or in front of a mirror and the shameful thing is I actually thought they looked good but times have changed...

As time has past I am yet to invest in a DSLR camera instead I tend to use my iPhone 5S for my Instagram photo's and a Panasonic Lumix FZ28 for some outfit posts, sadly both are now showing their age. I am very lucky to have a friend who takes my pictures with her amazing Nikon camera so I haven't had to splash out on buying one but if I was to buy one would I opt for a better iPhone or both?!

Is a Digital Camera for you?

In my first fashion job I remember being handed the office camera and not even knowing what to do with it, there were so many buttons and functions...I was worried about breaking it! As time has gone by I have a little bit more experience with SLR cameras but I still wouldn't know which one to buy.

I have read so many top 10 lists online and a lot of people I have spoken to will always recommend a Nikon or a Canon but I think with a camera (much like the perfect party dress), unless you try it first it's hard to decide which one will be right for you. Another factor to consider is what you want to take pictures of, for me it's fashion outfits, so not only do I need a great camera but indoor backdrops and lighting are equally important. Another thought to consider is whether you will have someone to take the pictures for you, if not you will have to use a tripod and a hand remote or timer which can be a real pain to get natural shots with.

If I was buying a new camera I would go to my local electronics store and try a few out. Then you can always look online for a better price if you find the camera for you. To view some of the best budget DSLR cameras from last year click here 

Why use an iPhone?

According to statistics Apple has sold more than 1 billion iPhones worldwide! So we can guarantee that quite a lot of people including bloggers use an iPhone to take their pictures. I have owned my iPhone 5s for over 2 years now; taking pictures of holiday destinations, outfits, selfies and flatlays, but I have to edit my pictures a lot as lighting can be difficult to get right, and sometimes the shots are not the best they can be. 

But I know for a fact if I get my upgrade in April, I will be aiming for either the iPhone 6 or 7 as the camera is going to be so much better than my current handset. 
To compare; the iPhone 7 has a 12-megapixel camera and optical image stabilisation (OIS) whereas the iPhone 6 has a 8-megapixel camera but a lack of OIS. The best thing for me about an iPhone is the convenience I can take it wherever I go, it fits in the smallest of bags and I can upload them straight to social media there is no faffing!

What do you prefer to use for your photography a Digital Camera or an iPhone?

Liz x


  1. I don't have an iphone but if you use the right light and a little know-how phones take great pictures! I had a DSLR before I started my blog so it didn't apply to me but I definitely wouldn't splash out at the very start <3

    Gisforgingers xx

  2. Iphone is great but you need the right lighting and sometimes in my case natural lighting won't work so I do have to add few other lightings and I have to edit most of my photo on snapseed. I would like to have a DSLR but maybe I need to wait couple more years. xx

  3. iPhone cameras are amazing, but I like using my DSLR because I can use different lenses and they completely change the look of your photos!