AW15 Fashion Trends

Autumn is slowly drawing in and with that comes new trends. I say new but we all have something in our wardrobes from last year that we can totally show off like we bought it yesterday. I have whittled down my favourite pieces on the high street (and went a bit crazy with polyvore). They are not too expensive either as you know I am a bargain hunter.

Boho is back and I'm sure the queen of boho herself Sienna Miller is rejoicing! Transitioning from the 70s trend and featured in Emilio Pucci and Anna Sui shows anything floral, floaty and brown/tan is a must.

Since Burberry hit the runway with Capes in 2014 they haven't left the high street. They are one form of outerwear that can make you look super stylish in an instant. Wear yours with an A line skirt and knee high boots or if it's a longer length wear with skinny jeans.

Instead of boring black go for bold Red! It was worn top to toe at the fashion shows but I know I'm not that brave without looking like a crayon anyway. Wearing a red jumper under a camel coat will look fabulous & don't forget those red lips. 

Suede is a great alternative to leather and the aesthetic is so much softer! Depending on how you wear it you can reflect the boho, retro or 70s trend and by combining it with fringing you can be doubly stylish.

What is Autumn/Winter without Faux Fur? It has me feeling all warm and cosy from just looking at it! Jazz up your shoes or bag with a Pom Pom (yes accessories are just as important as your outerwear) and however you wear it make sure there's lots of it!

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