My Weekend in Cambridge

On Saturday me and the girls went to the beautiful city of Cambridge, having never been before I was very excited. Luckily the weather was sunny & hot all day so I got to wear my H&M printed shorts (£14.99) with a rust basic vest (£3.99) & New Look Lattice Sandals (£13.50)

When we first arrived in Cambridge we ate breakfast at Bills - Full English with a Melon, Peach & Raspberry Smoothie yummy!

After we went PUNTING with beautiful views of Cambridge we managed to only collide with a few boats busiest river I've ever seen

Eating strawberries & drinking Pink Moscato 

The girls

After we visited the rooftop bar in The Varsity Hotel a bit expensive but worth it when you see the views of Cambridge from up high

I must admit I actually prefer Cambridge to Oxford so much more character & lots of cute shops!

10 facts about Cambridge: 

1. St John’s College was used in the film Theory of Everything "May Ball’ scene, one of the largest set pieces in the film

2. Cambridge has the most Nobel Prizes mainly in physics.

3. All staircases are alphabestised in Trinity College but there are no J’s. The reason being that St. John’s is their arch rival.

4. The University has over 29,000,000 books and receives a free copy of every book published in the UK 

5.  25 percent of Cambridge residents cycle to work, the highest number in the UK.

6. Oliver Cromwell is buried in an unmarked grave close to Sidney Sussex College Chapel

7. Clare bridge is the oldest bridge over the river cam

8. The fastest winning time for the annual boat race is 16 minutes and 19 seconds by Cambridge in 1998. 

9.  Cambridge was originally called Granta bryg because the river was once called Granta not Cam

10. Today Cambridge has a population of 122,000

Have you ever been to Cambridge?

Liz xx

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  1. When in Cambridge punting is a must do...
    Although crowded in weekends it is nice, and relaxing to see the major colleges from the water. Interesting talk from the guide in a very old punter and waiting ttimes for onboarding too long.