My Hair Makeover with Regis Salons

I was recently contacted by Regis Salons to trial their new colour bonding technique at my local Leamington Spa salon which included a cut and colour. Having never had my hair coloured at a salon before I was very excited and I've wanted to go lighter for a while now so this was the perfect opportunity! I had also recently come back off holiday, where my hair was very sun damaged and dry so a hair makeover was definitely needed! 

Who are Regis Salons?

With over 130 salons in the UK, Regis is a salon that you would have seen around. Offering endless options for your hair including cuts, colours, treatments and even just a blow dry if your heading out on the town. Inside the salon in Leamington it's very sleek with lots of branded professional haircare products including L'Oreal and GHDs for you to buy. 

What is colour bonding?

If you're like me and have never heard of colour bonding before, then you’re in luck as I'm about to share all the benefits. Created by L’Oreal, SmartBond is a two-step process that protects each strand of hair from being damaged during and immediately after having your hair coloured. 

Firstly, the SmartBond treatment is mixed in with the colour, so it can take effect while your colour is developing. Then, a second treatment is applied to your hair once your colour has been rinsed off as a pre-shampoo. I was also given a take-home product which will help to strengthen my hair at home.

At Regis Salons, colour bonding costs an extra £5 on top of your colour or £15 if you choose to just have the treatment, which I think is reasonable.

Step by step hair process

1. Highlights to start
2. Wait to set
3. Wash off
4.   Apply colour toner mixed with step one of colour bonding treatment
5. Leave to set
6. Wash off and shampoo
7. Apply step two of colour bonding treatment
8. Cut and blow dry to perfection

Final Look

 Overall I was super happy with my new hair, it felt so glossy! For the colour I modelled it on Jordan Dunn the supermodel, as she has a lovely short hair style with light highlights. The style of my hair has stayed short but I had a much needed trim and a blow dry to give it some shape. 

A week after having the colour, I am still feeling the positive effects of the SmartBond hair product, even after washing and drying my hair it's still super soft!

Being a person who never spends much money on their hair, I feel I need to now after trying out Regis salons and the colour bonding treatment. My hair has never felt so healthy!

Have you ever had your hair styled at Regis Salons?

*The hair was complimentary of Regis Salons but all thoughts are my own

Liz x


  1. I have never had my hair colored, but I wear extension. I love this look on you. You got me inspired to try!

  2. That came out so pretty! I'm always so weary of the impact of the colors but that really came out nice!

  3. Great Post! I love it. I didn't know what colour bonding was before your post. I will try it when I have a chance. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Looks gorgeous on you! Thanks for sharing x

  5. OH looks absolutely amazing! Such a refreshing one :-) I'd love to do a total hair makeover!

  6. Love it - so funky!
    Never been but they have great stylists by the look of it! :)

  7. I have never used this salon as its not around where I live. But looks like this is a great salon. Thanks for posting it here!

  8. I haven't visited the Regis salons yet but will keep it in mind for sure. You look amazing and the result is beautiful!