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Festive Fun in the Midlands

My weekends have been packed in November and will be even more so in December as I'll be visiting family, friends and mainly just soaking up that Christmas spirit and having fun. I'm lucky that where I live in Stratford Upon Avon there is lots to do in the surrounding towns including Birmingham with their annual Frankfurt Christmas Market, which the organisers bring all the way from Germany. Here are just a few activities I have got up to so far...

Chemist4u Beauty Haul

Shopping for beauty products such as foundations, nail varnishes, perfumes (the list is endless) can come at an expense, which before Christmas most of us don't have the spare money to splash out on must have beauty products, but if you look hard enough across the world wide web there are plenty of beauty bargains to be had from online pharmacy & chemists such as Chemist4u. When I initially came across this website, I thought beauty products really? But YES they do have a wide range of beauty heavily discounted with up to 86% off! This means you can afford to splurge on beauty for yourself which is what I have done but you can also purchase Christmas gifts for the men and women in your life.

Black Friday Deals 2017

If you didn't know already today is Black Friday! The one spectacular day of the year where there are more offers and sales dropping in your inbox than you know what to do with. As a girl who loves her clothing and make-up I'm always looking out for the bargains at my favourite high street brands anytime of the year so today is even more relevant. According to the BBC, last year the UK spent a whopping £1.23bn online shopping on Black Friday and I'm sure this year will be just the same or even more. I'm here to encourage those sales that little bit more by sharing with you some of my favourite black Friday deals that I have found whizzing around the internet.