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Tips for buying your first car

Sponsored post - I have been learning to drive for a year now, compared to my friends I have left it a lot later in life being 25, everyone rushes to learn at 17 but not me, Instead I was happy to use public transport and rely on my family to take me everywhere. But now I'm getting closer to the big 30, I've started thinking about the future and driving is really a necessity for taking future children places and getting from A to B. Once I started learning I was really excited to buy my first car, and there were various factors to consider...

How to bring more natural light into your home

With the Autumn nights drawing in, a lack of natural light can be a common problem for many home owners, especially those who are living in an apartment on one floor where space and light is therefore limited. I on the other hand am very lucky that my living room has four big windows bringing in lots of natural light and making the room feel and look a whole lot bigger. If you need to create more natural light in your home, just in time for the earlier nights, follow my simple interior solutions below.

Affordable Autumn Fashion Trends

Even though it feels like Autumn in the UK already, it isn't officially until 22nd September and I am literally counting down the days because I am that excited! There is so much to look forward to, including events such as halloween and bonfire night and then there's the fashion trends which is what I am going to write about today.

 After wearing dresses and sandals for far too long, I am very much looking forward to throwing on a woolly jumper and ankle boots. The high street and shopping sites like Lyst are already starting to bring out their Autumn collections and I think it doesn't hurt to get prepared for the trends to come and oh boy are they good!