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Styling the Rose Gold Adexe London Watch

A watch is an essential accessory every woman should own because they are not only look stylish when paired with your favourite outfit but are more practical and convenient than your mobile phone telling you the time when out and about. For me a watch is quite a luxury accessory, it's not something I would just go out and buy I would rather wait until a particular occasion like my birthday, anniversary or Christmas. On this particular occasion and luckily for me, I was gifted any watch I wanted by one of the most popular watch brands Adexe London

Designing My Own Dress with Doc Cotton

An email recently landed in my inbox from London based brand Doc Cotton asking if I wanted to design my own piece of clothing! Of course I jumped at the chance, I've always wanted a unique dress that no one else has and thanks to them I got to do exactly that! I was not familiar with the brand but that's what's great about being a fashion blogger discovering up and coming brands and this one really is unique and exciting!

What I also like about Doc Cotton is they have a very good ethos. Whilst their mission is for you to create your own customised clothing they are doing it sustainably by making all clothing in a studio by seamstresses who all receive over the London living wage. Each garment is also made bespoke so no garments are wasted and destroyed and all the fabrics are sourced from the UK and they only used high quality 100% cotton.

Why Jewellery Should Be Your Number One Accessory

Ask a dozen different people what’s the most important element of their wardrobe? And you’re likely to get a dozen different answers. Some people will argue, that it’s their shoe collection that is their favourite. Others will tell you that it’s that one dress, which they have five carbon-copies of, that defines their fashion sense and their ability to express their true self through what they wear.

Everyone has different pieces of fashion trends that they gravitate to more strongly, and everyone has a favourite outfit or accessory. But, be that as it may, there are some really good reasons to focus on your jewellery collection, from silver nose studs to chunky steel bracelets. Here are some reasons why jewellery should take the number one spot.