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Date Night Beauty Prep for Him and Her

If you're in a relationship you may have regular date nights, you might go out for a fancy dinner or perhaps you take time out to cook at home or if your currently looking for love your next date could be your next chance to impress, either way you want getting ready for any date to be fun rather than a challenge especially if you have the first date nerves.

 Once you have the date details sorted, it's time to work on your beauty regime, whether your male or female, we all need a little help now and again. This could include selecting the right outfit for the type of date or choosing the perfect women's or men’s perfume to help you feel more confident. But remember less is definitely more when it comes to smelling nice, you don't want it to be overpowering for your date. Read some more helpful beauty tips for getting date ready below.

Boho Styling with One Tribe Apparel

With the festival season in full swing in the UK and summer finally on its way, it gives us fashion girls a chance to experiment with our style and step out of our comfort zones with boho chic fashion. Think plenty of denim, tassels, crochet, sheer, suede, florals and kimonos to create that 70s inspired boho outfit or just take a look at Sienna Millers style for inspiration she practically invented bohemian fashion, back in 2005. 

I also have a cool and unique fashion brand to share with you today that embraces such trend and Thai boho fashion in particular - One Tribe ApparelStarted by a couple who wanted to centre their designs around vibrant patterns, handmade craftsmanship and a hippie soul but also make a difference. Since 2017 they are supporting the Elephant Nature Park - an elephant rescue and rehabilitation centre in Northern Thailand by donating every $1 from every piece of clothing that is sold on their website. They also kindly sent me some boho fashion that I'm styling today to inspire you for summer.

Bringing Important Memories Into Your Decor

Bringing memories into your decor is a great way to show more of your personality, fill your home with love and happiness and ensure that your decor is always unique. It’s a wonderful way to make a house a home and give it plenty of personal touches, creating a talking point and giving your rooms new focus. Your home, after all, is your private space. It’s where you are free to relax and be yourself. Nothing makes this easier than being surrounded by important memories and things that mean something to you. Here are some ways to incorporate your memories into your decor