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Billesley Manor Gin Festival 2018

On Sunday I was invited along with my photographer friend Hannah to Billesley Manor Gin Festival. Having only recently discovered my love for gin being that it's the on trend drink right now and UK distilleries and gin brands popping up everywhere, I was really excited to explore the different flavours of gin from local gin distilleries and relax in the sunshine.

Portugal Holiday Outfits 2018

This time last week I was in sunny Portugal relaxing and drinking plenty of sangria's, now it's back to reality and I'm reminiscing about the wonderful holiday and what I wore. Getting vacay ready is one of the things I most look forward to when going on holiday and I knew that Portugal was no exception with it's beautiful floral backdrops. I needed to pack some essentials for beach days and lazing by the pool and also nice evening looks for dinner. And the best part is they are all affordable from the high street! 

Primark bikini & sunglasses, Boohoo shorts

Guest post: Five Hipster Products All Millennials Need In Their Home

With Brighton recently being labelled the ‘Most Hipster City in The World’ and as a born and bred Brightonian (and wannabe hipster), I felt inspired to pen a piece on adding a little millennial magic to your home. So, if you are looking for ways to incorporate this trend, read on for my ideas and remember to check out Liz’s awesome guide on ways to transform your kitchen into the heart of your home for more fabulous interior design tips too!

Before we get into your most-wanted hipster items, first stop is creating the quintessential backdrop. Imagine an industrial interior with exposed brick or beams uniting two different themes for a rustic and unfinished look. Or, a very minimal interior that shouts ‘Scandi’ with clean lines, light neutral colours and little furniture. Once you have this in place, here are the five items that will have you well on your way to creating a humble-chic abode.

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