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Why Fragrances for Men Make the Perfect Gift

When I'm buying a gift for my partner Blake I always like to get him something really special whatever the cost. Birthdays are a great time to spoil each other and this year I went all out and paid for a trip to Amsterdam as we've both always wanted to go. But on previous birthdays I always tend to buy a fragrance as I know he appreciates a good scent!

One fragrance brand that I have in my hometown of Stratford Upon Avon is L'Occitane. Instantly recognisable because of the bright yellow front, originally started in France, they have over 2700 stores over the world offering skincare, bath & hair products plus the perfume for men L'Occitane range. 

Fitness And Cheap Gym Membership: A Guide To Getting Free Gym Passes

Fitness and health are important factors in contemporary society; this is the reason so many people choose to join a gym. Unfortunately, most of these people find themselves locked into expensive long-term contracts without ever stepping foot into the gym - well, beyond signing the contract, that is. 

Needless to say, we are all searching for a way to lose weight without having to spend thousands of pounds. When my local gym Xtreme Gyms opened last year, I managed to get an early bird deal of £25 a month which I think is about average.

This article below will provide you with information on how to shed the fat without having to spend a single penny, by making use of the latest free gym trials, pay-as-you-go deals, and no-frills contracts from approximately £10/month. Be sure to watch out for these contracts and keep an eye on what to do when the membership hits a snag.

Floral Statement Sleeves

My love affair with florals has started all over again for Spring with the help of the lovely people at Apricot Clothing, who recently gifted me this hibiscus flower print bardot blouse (£22) with stunning, statement sleeves. Since receiving the blouse, I've hardly taken it off, it's so comfy and I get so many compliments. I wore it recently on a night out tucked in a leather bodycon skirt. The floral printed blouse is made up of green, pink and rust tones which compliments this pretty Stratford Upon Avon backdrop and more importantly my wardrobe!