Beautiful Bathroom Designs

The bathroom is one of two places for people. It’s either somewhere that is rushed about in the morning because alarms were ignored, and all of the sudden there’s only ten minutes to get ready for work. Or, it’s a place of total relaxation at the end of a busy day. Whatever it may be to you, if you're planning a bathroom renovation there's no reason why you shouldn’t be searching for some beautiful bathroom designs and go all out. You may only redesign it once after all.

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Dark & Relaxed Bathroom Design

If you’re someone who uses the bathroom as a place of total relaxation at the end of a busy day, then this bathroom design is going to suit you perfectly. For the tiles, you’ll want to opt for a nice dark grey, but you don’t want to go too dark, but you don’t want to go too light either. Keep the tiling the same for the floor or go slightly lighter. You can use this amazing app for visualising your shower panel finish so you know what colours contrast with what. 

Now, if you’re going for relaxing, you need to go for a deep sunk bath with a waterfall flow tap. The sound and feature of the waterfall will look amazing, and the deep sunk bath is perfect for melting your troubles away. A crisp white bath will look perfect against the darker walls. If space allows, you could have a smaller cubicle styled walk in shower with a glass open door. If not, the bath will do just fine. Then for the sink, you could have one built in to a side unit. If the side unit had the dark grey marble finish and the sink does too, it’ll look just amazing. A crisp white toilet will finish the room off!

Bright & Energetic Bathroom Design

For that get up and go person who isn’t too bothered about spending hours in the bathroom, we’ve got you covered. Go completely the opposite to the dark and relaxed setting, with a white marble replica tiling which will help to keep the room nice and bright. A walk in shower rather than a bath is probably going to suit you better if you're always in a hurry, but you can get ones with a built in ledge to sit on if you fancy a little relaxation time now and again. 

For the bathroom sideboard, a built in sink looks so much better than a raised one, finish it off with houseplants to give it that energetic earthy sort of vibe. The bright green against the marble white replica will look really lovely as well. Although if you want to keep the room from looking too white, opt for a wooden toilet seat as a contrast or a bathroom radiator to keep your towels warm.

How would you design your bathroom? 

Liz x

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