Signs That You May Need Glasses

Wearing glasses can happen to anyone at any stage of their lives, I have worn glasses myself since I was five years old when they were not so trendy! But wearing them from a young age has meant that I now only have to wear them for reading and computer work which is great!

Many people do find that when they grow older, when our bodies start to change you may gradually lose your sight. Whether it's down to ageing or simply the fact that we spend a lot of our time staring at our phone or computer screens, if you feel you need to get glasses from somewhere like Glasses 2 You or even contact lenses to aid you in sight it's so easy to book an optician appointment and find glasses that are suitable for your eyes.

There are two different types of vision which everyone has, and it could be that you are simply struggling with one of these types of vision, or maybe even both. To really be able to identify if you need glasses or not,we need to explore these types of sight in more detail. 


When someone is nearsighted it means that they have trouble seeing objects which are far away. Another word for this type of sight is shortsightedness. This basically means that you cannot focus on things because your eyes are simply too strong. You will therefore get glasses which gave a minus value because they are made to lessen the power of your eyes and allow you to see more clearly. It is very important if you think you are nearsighted to have an eye test because if you don’t get one you could develop a lazy eye


As you may imagine from the name, this type of vision is where you struggle to see things which are right in front of you. This is common in many people and is the reason that a lot of people will get glasses for reading and working. This type of sight is common after straining your eyes for a long period of time. It can cause symptoms such as migraines, fatigue and even more long-term effects so you will need to get your eyes tested if you believe you cannot focus on things up close. 

Signs you should book an eye test

There are many reasons you may need to get your eyes tested, and as far as symptoms go, if you experience any of the following things you should get an eye test right away: 
  • Bumping into things often
  • Falling over and tripping
  • Frequent headaches when focusing on something like a screen or a book for a long period of time
  • Rubbing eyes often or having nausea
  • Difficulty reading things in signs far away
  • Squinting to focus
  • Strain when wearing your current glasses
When you do finally take a test and are told you need a pair of glasses there is nothing to be embarrassed of. Wearing glasses might seem different at first but with so much chose on the high street including designer options it should be a fun and unique experience. Try to enjoy picking out the perfect pair of glasses for you and make the most of your new fashionable look.

Do you wear glasses?

Liz x

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