How I won two holidays in 2016

Now were getting to the end of 2016 we start to look back and reminise. I never thought that this year would be my luckiest year yet! Here's why...

To top off the start of the year I won a competition with Kopperberg to the Icehotel in Sweden then in October I got a new job as digital content editor at Forever Living then in the same month I won my second holiday competition to the Caribbean with holiday pirates.

Having entered competitions previous years on forms online I have never even come close to winning but I have found that having a blog and because I'm always on social media I seem to come across competitions quite a lot.

I found the Kopparberg competition because I love their cider so I was a follower on Twitter and the same with Holiday Pirates I use their website a lot to search for holiday deals and I followed them on Instagram.


For this competition I had to share a festive picture with a bottle of Kopparberg so that day I had been wearing a Christmas dress for a charity day at work and so when I got home I took a selfie and uploaded it to Twitter in the December. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I was going to get a call at work in January saying "Hi Elizabeth you have won a trip to the ice hotel" even I was speechless for once. This was a trip that even I couldn't afford staying in a hotel made of ice, snowmobiles to see the northern lights and husky sledging you can read about the experience and see pictures of my amazing trip here #PirateMemories

To enter this holiday competition to the Caribbean with Holiday Pirates I shared a picture of my favourite holiday moment with the hashtag #piratememories. The picture I used was of my helicopter trip to the Grand Canyon last year. In 2017 me and the boyfriend are off to the Dominican Republic!

My tips for entering competitions would be to try and find the picture / social media contests it's certainly worked for me!

Have you ever won a competition? Let me know in the comments

Liz x


  1. wow i've never won anzthing but these victories are amazing! Lucky you :))

  2. You are so lucky, i have never won anything xo

  3. Wow you've been so lucky haha! :D I don't usually win anything lol, hope you had / will have a blast on these trips!

    ~ Jasmin N

  4. Congratulations! Wish you more trips for the coming years! I won a trip to L.A. when i was 24, it was my first trip abroad so i was beyond excited!

  5. I love winning stuff. I've been luckier than most, but that Power Ball lottery jackpot eludes me.

  6. Im addicted to entertaining competitions, I never win but I love seeing other people win stuff! So happy for you!!!!!

  7. wow!!! this is amazing! congrats on winning. I've never won anything as big as this.

  8. wow you certainly are lucky, I've never won a competition before, but it doesn't deter me from entering. hope 2017 is just as good if not better for you :)

  9. That's so cool that you won! Must have been a great experience!