Teagime Review

When you work in an office all day you start to really enjoy cups of tea they get you through the day and keep you warm especially in this cold winter. I used to think drinking tea without milk was strange but after trying lots of loose leaf teas I have been swayed. I recently discovered Teagime (stands for tea regime) on twitter and think its such as great idea as its based all about your needs and tastes plus I wanted to perk myself up a bit! 

How does Teagime work? 

Teagime is a 14 day teatox programme which is unique to each person. First you sign up on the website and answer some questions about yourself including flavours you dont like which is great! Then based on that information they craft the perfect tea that will support detoxing, boost your metabolism, increase energy levels and beat cravings which is definitely what I need I am always in the fridge!

What you get inside the box?

You will receive a welcome booklet, an exclusive Teagime tea infuser, an ingredient information sheet, and three blends of loose leaf tea morning, afternoon and evening that are created just for you. Even if you have allergies you can have this tea because none of them contain wheat, barley, rye, oats or nuts. Mine came with the following tea blends:

Morning - Blessed by Diana 

A blend of blueberries, nettle and lemon balm which are said to stimulate memory and fight stress. My morning routine is very rushed getting up at 6.30, showered, make up on then on the bus to work so I never make time for myself so drinking this each morning means doing this and I feel like I can finally relax. I could really taste the lemon coming through with this blend.

Afternoon - Cocoa Cheer

A combination of cocoa shells and oriental beauty tea help to recharge you for the afternoon. This was by far my favourite tea with its cocoa flavour and I felt alert and ready for the next few hours of work.

Evening - Strawberry Kiss

Strawberries, rooibos (herb grown on a plant from South Africa) and vanilla are combined to bring you a tea that helps to reduce hunger pangs and relieve stress. When drinking this you can definitely taste the strawberry it is really delicious and I felt ready for a good nights sleep.

How much? 

A standard 14 day Teagime costs £29.99 which sounds a lot but its tea that is made especially for you, tastes great, reminds you to drink more and it's so convenient because its delivered straight to your door.

If you know someone that loves tea this could also make a great Christmas gift for them. Try Teagime for yourself here.

*The tea has been gifted but all views are my own

What's your favourite tea?

Liz x


  1. Yes I've recently discovered how nice tea is without milk! This sounds like a wonderful tea box and you get so much stuff in it!Ree Love30

  2. These teas sound so delicious and a little detox before Christmas is perfect!

  3. They look delicious!!


  4. These are look great. I'm tea lover too but also coffee lover. I love to drink tea normally in the evening and watching TV together. Great reviewing this product dear. Thank you for sharing.

    Kintan XO,

  5. I'm not into tea to be honest, BUT! My husband is a tea-fiend so this sounds like an amazing present for him.
    Katja xxx

  6. That sounds like a cool program! I'm not into tea that much so I might not give it a go, but I've got few friends who would enjoy trying these out :-)

    ~ Jasmin N

  7. I would like to try a ''personalized'' tea as i drink 2-3 cups of tea every day. My favorite is a mix of orange, green tea and ginger. Great review! Helene/ www.beautifulismyattire.com

  8. I love tea ! This concept sounds great a box crafted just for me !

  9. I cant get enough of tea! This concept looks amazing