Coconut Quench from Regime London

When it comes to beauty I'm not the expert it takes me 5 minutes to apply my make up and that is effort in itself. Don't get me wrong I like getting dressed up for a night out but if I didn't have to wear make up everyday I really wouldn't but I have dry/oily skin that drives me mad.

So when Regime London emailed me asking if I wanted to review one of their four skin care products coconut quench I jumped at the chance! Combining coconut water extract and hyaluronic acid to increase the moisture in your skin. You take one tablet a day for 30 days and you can purchase the skin care product from Superdrug or Amazon for just £19.99.

Coconut is so healthy for your skin because it is a great moisturiser, helps with hydration, controls the excess oils and provides a natural glow and has cytokinins in it known for it's anti aging properties.

For me coconut quench is great I have been using them for 15 days so far & have already seen visible difference with the dryness of my skin so I will keep you updated! The tablets are fairly big so if you have trouble swallowing tablets then you might find it easier trying out actual coconut water as a drink.

Have you used coconut quench yet?

Liz x

*This post is in collaboration with Regime London but all views are my own

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