Kopparberg trip to the Icehotel Sweden

Before Christmas I entered a twitter competition with cider brand Kopparberg to win a trip to the Icehotel in the village of JukkasjÀrvi, Sweden with dog sledding and the Northern Lights. Never in a million years did I think I would win the trip but I did. To say I was excited is an understatement I have always wanted to go to lapland and see the northern lights now I was getting to tick them off my bucket list all in one go!

The end of February arrived and me and the boyfriend boarded our flight from Heathrow to Kiruna airport which is about 20 minutes from the Icehotel itself and the tiniest airport I have ever seen! The travelling pretty much took all day because we had a stopover in Stockholm but I knew there was a 4 course ICE meal waiting for us! 

This included Roe and waffle to start followed by salmon, soy and wasabi both served on ice! For main Reindeer with chocolate sauce and for dessert Artic brambles & chocolate. Luxury dining right there could not fault the food.

After food we dug our way through a package full of Kopparberg goodies that had been sent it isn't a holiday without a cheeky drink. They have even launched a fruity lager now too which is delicious.

That evening we were sleeping in the ice room in the icehotel which has a dressing room adjacent so you can get changed etc. They tell you to just wear one layer of thermals because you can get hot can you believe that in -5 but it's true we had a sharing sleeping bag and I was very toasty! 

In the morning your woken up nice and early with some hot lingonberry juice it's delicious. I soon learnt that along with eating reindeer, lingonberries are well known in Scandinavia and they even make Jam with them. 

Before our husky dog sledding trip at half 1 we took in the snowy surroundings me thinking I can't actually believe I am here and taking lots of pictures to prove I was! Even though there were other people around it's so silent because the thick snow absorbs the sound around you. It felt like a winter wonderland I have never seen that much snow before!

Frozen Torne River

After clock watching all morning because I was that excited to meet the huskies I heard them before I saw them each one eager to get going. The wooden sledge fits four people plus the guide standing on the back directing them along the beautiful snowy scenery to a tipi in the wilderness about 45 minutes away where hot coffee and cake was waiting.

We went along to a tour of the Icehotel after dog sledding so we could learn more and see the art rooms my favourite being the LOVE CAPSULE a retro room with a bed and seating.

The Hallway

The icehotel itself is made with snice a mixture of snow and ice but the icebar was made by pouring water over a huge balloon and letting it freeze. They even serve your drinks in ice glasses and they have a spin the bottle can it be any cooler? Literally.

After we checked into our warm room as they advise you not to stay in the cold room twice and I think we definitely needed the warmth after being out in -20 most of the afternoon. 

Our final tour was a snowmobile trip to see the Northern Lights which was at night so I layered up and was raring to go. I was a passenger on the snowmobile because I don't drive but I was glad there was some very bendy corners. The tour takes 4.30 hours with a couple of stops to take in the northern lights until you reach a cabin where dinner is waiting. On the menu was potato soup to start, reindeer stew and chocolate mousse. Outside of the cabin we had the most spectacular view of the northern lights it was breathtaking unfortunately we only got one picture the whole time we were there because you need a tripod and a better camera.

A big thankyou to Kopparberg for this once in a lifetime trip that I will remember forever. I want to go back already!

Have you ever visited Sweden or the Icehotel?

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Liz x

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