Styling the Rose Gold Adexe London Watch

A watch is an essential accessory every woman should own because they are not only look stylish when paired with your favourite outfit but are more practical and convenient than your mobile phone telling you the time when out and about. For me a watch is quite a luxury accessory, it's not something I would just go out and buy I would rather wait until a particular occasion like my birthday, anniversary or Christmas. On this particular occasion and luckily for me, I was gifted any watch I wanted by one of the most popular watch brands Adexe London

Designing My Own Dress with Doc Cotton

An email recently landed in my inbox from London based brand Doc Cotton asking if I wanted to design my own piece of clothing! Of course I jumped at the chance, I've always wanted a unique dress that no one else has and thanks to them I got to do exactly that! I was not familiar with the brand but that's what's great about being a fashion blogger discovering up and coming brands and this one really is unique and exciting!

What I also like about Doc Cotton is they have a very good ethos. Whilst their mission is for you to create your own customised clothing they are doing it sustainably by making all clothing in a studio by seamstresses who all receive over the London living wage. Each garment is also made bespoke so no garments are wasted and destroyed and all the fabrics are sourced from the UK and they only used high quality 100% cotton.

Why Jewellery Should Be Your Number One Accessory

Ask a dozen different people what’s the most important element of their wardrobe? And you’re likely to get a dozen different answers. Some people will argue, that it’s their shoe collection that is their favourite. Others will tell you that it’s that one dress, which they have five carbon-copies of, that defines their fashion sense and their ability to express their true self through what they wear.

Everyone has different pieces of fashion trends that they gravitate to more strongly, and everyone has a favourite outfit or accessory. But, be that as it may, there are some really good reasons to focus on your jewellery collection, from silver nose studs to chunky steel bracelets. Here are some reasons why jewellery should take the number one spot.

Doutzen Kroes & Hunkemöller Swimsuit Review

Hunkemöller is a brand I have worked with on Call Me Liz before reviewing one of their gorgeous bras but this time they kindly gifted me a swimsuit to review from their new swimwear collection with international topmodel and Hunkemöller ambassador Doutzen KroesThe stunning swimwear collection is inspired by nature and the tropical climate of Brazil and the rest of Latin America. All of the bikinis, swimsuits, beach clothing and accessories that Doutzen has designed have a jungle theme with plenty of animal prints, rain drops and textures bringing to life her passion for nature. 

Ways To Make Your House Feel More Like A Home

If you’re like most people then you would agree there’s a significant difference between walking into a “house” and walking into a “home”. Home is a lot less tangible and hard to define, but we can always sense a feeling of home when we enter someone’s house, yet sometimes this vital component can feel like it's missing altogether. This essence of home is imperative to feeling happy and harmonious in your property - and just like with most things, there’s a recipe to achieve it.

See, we all want to create a feeling of home, for ourselves and loved ones, yet just because we live in a nice house it doesn’t necessarily mean we will feel at home there.  Our sense of home seems to transcends the value of the bricks and mortar that are associated with the property; and even goes beyond the aesthetic beauty or well considered interior design.

5 Things to Remember When Searching for the Perfect Dress

The overall process of buying a dress can be a breeze. Typically, you’d start with choosing your favourite brand. You’d then walk into your nearest store or boot up your laptop, browsing the relevant sections. You see a dress you like in the most perfect colour or pattern, choose your size, place it in your basket or take it to the till. Simple, right? Actually, the perfect dress doesn’t always come that easily. From going out dresses, to your ideal wedding dress, getting that perfect fit or and style isn’t always a walk in the park. Who can relate?! 

There are certain things to consider which will help you when purchasing your ideal dress. It’s important to embrace your body shape and know what suits you, as well as physically making some changes yourself if needed. Here’s what you should bear in mind to keep your shopping trips as successful as possible.

Tips for Preparing for your Summer Holiday

Now the kids are breaking up from school for the summer holidays the majority of us are going to be jetting off somewhere hot (5 weeks and counting for me). But before you go on holiday you should always prepare a holiday checklist so you don't forget anything. Whether you're a couple going on a city break or a family going on a beach holiday you're bound to forget something, you're only human after all. Luckily for you I have prepared lots of travel tips to help you stay organised.

Guest Post: Chic Ways to Dress Up a White Tee

In the vast universe of clothing garments, there are T-shirts, and then there are white T-shirts, which are a completely separate entity, even though they officially belong to this ‘casual garment’ family. If there were a casual clothing hall of fame, the white tee would be displayed there, right next to that perfect pair of jeans, a timeless trench coat and the iconic motto leather jacket. Yes, a white tee has a very special place in fashion and should hence have a very special place in your wardrobe. Why? The reasons are quite palpable. The mighty white tee has the ability to complete every outfit without being intrusive but still help the outfit pop. The right cut and neckline flatters every body type, and the crisp whiteness exudes that polish, clean and sleek vibe despite the fact that, on its own, a white tee seems plain and regular. 

 However, that’s where its charm lies – in its ability to blend and pop, be dressed up or down and be your savoir on many an occasion. Now that you know just how vital it is for you to own at least one white simple tee that compliments your figure perfectly, let’s play dress up and discover all the chic outfits you can use – all revolving around the tee.

Five Ways to Say Thank You

If you have someone who has done something great for you either at work or in your personal life this year, you will likely want to say thank you to them in a meaningful way. Depending on how big the gesture is, you might want to do something really special for them, and below I have a few great ideas which you can use. 

The Little White Dress

White is one of those colours that you need to wear wisely especially if you're going to be around pets, food or drink and if you're rather clumsy (like me) you're guaranteed to drop something down you. On this occasion I decided to chance it because I was off to the Billesley Manor gin festival which is a rather fancy hotel in Stratford Upon Avon and I wanted to take lots of outfit photos!

Billesley Manor Gin Festival 2018

On Sunday I was invited along with my photographer friend Hannah to Billesley Manor Gin Festival. Having only recently discovered my love for gin being that it's the on trend drink right now and UK distilleries and gin brands popping up everywhere, I was really excited to explore the different flavours of gin from local gin distilleries and relax in the sunshine.

Portugal Holiday Outfits 2018

This time last week I was in sunny Portugal relaxing and drinking plenty of sangria's, now it's back to reality and I'm reminiscing about the wonderful holiday and what I wore. Getting vacay ready is one of the things I most look forward to when going on holiday and I knew that Portugal was no exception with it's beautiful floral backdrops. I needed to pack some essentials for beach days and lazing by the pool and also nice evening looks for dinner. And the best part is they are all affordable from the high street! 

Primark bikini & sunglasses, Boohoo shorts

Guest post: Five Hipster Products All Millennials Need In Their Home

With Brighton recently being labelled the ‘Most Hipster City in The World’ and as a born and bred Brightonian (and wannabe hipster), I felt inspired to pen a piece on adding a little millennial magic to your home. So, if you are looking for ways to incorporate this trend, read on for my ideas and remember to check out Liz’s awesome guide on ways to transform your kitchen into the heart of your home for more fabulous interior design tips too!

Before we get into your most-wanted hipster items, first stop is creating the quintessential backdrop. Imagine an industrial interior with exposed brick or beams uniting two different themes for a rustic and unfinished look. Or, a very minimal interior that shouts ‘Scandi’ with clean lines, light neutral colours and little furniture. Once you have this in place, here are the five items that will have you well on your way to creating a humble-chic abode.

(Image credit: Pinterest)

5 Reasons Why You Should Travel By Boat

When you’re travelling, using public transport can be a bit of a gamble. In some countries, you’ll be on a comfortable train that always comes on time and doesn’t cost that much. In others, you’ll find yourself on a cramped bus with no air conditioning for hours on end. Those long distance journeys are the thing you really need to watch out for. But there is an alternative, getting a boat ride. People often think of boats as a leisurely activity, which they are, but they’re also a great way to get from A to B. These are just some of the many benefits of travelling by boat.

Ways To Transform Your Kitchen Into the Heart Of The Home

The old saying that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses has never been more true than it is in today's housing market. When the discerning purchaser is looking around a potential new home, they can be easily seduced by a luxury double shower, granite worktops, 3D resin flooring and sophisticated integrated appliances. People in the twenty-first century enjoy open plan living, the feeling of space and a kitchen that really is the heart of the home. This is the hub where heartbreaks are shared over coffee, families come together to celebrate birthdays, and new culinary delights are invented. If you want your kitchen to be the heart of your home, read on to discover just how easy it is to achieve.

Date Night Beauty Prep for Him and Her

If you're in a relationship you may have regular date nights, you might go out for a fancy dinner or perhaps you take time out to cook at home or if your currently looking for love your next date could be your next chance to impress, either way you want getting ready for any date to be fun rather than a challenge especially if you have the first date nerves.

 Once you have the date details sorted, it's time to work on your beauty regime, whether your male or female, we all need a little help now and again. This could include selecting the right outfit for the type of date or choosing the perfect women's or men’s perfume to help you feel more confident. But remember less is definitely more when it comes to smelling nice, you don't want it to be overpowering for your date. Read some more helpful beauty tips for getting date ready below.

Boho Styling with One Tribe Apparel

With the festival season in full swing in the UK and summer finally on its way, it gives us fashion girls a chance to experiment with our style and step out of our comfort zones with boho chic fashion. Think plenty of denim, tassels, crochet, sheer, suede, florals and kimonos to create that 70s inspired boho outfit or just take a look at Sienna Millers style for inspiration she practically invented bohemian fashion, back in 2005. 

I also have a cool and unique fashion brand to share with you today that embraces such trend and Thai boho fashion in particular - One Tribe ApparelStarted by a couple who wanted to centre their designs around vibrant patterns, handmade craftsmanship and a hippie soul but also make a difference. Since 2017 they are supporting the Elephant Nature Park - an elephant rescue and rehabilitation centre in Northern Thailand by donating every $1 from every piece of clothing that is sold on their website. They also kindly sent me some boho fashion that I'm styling today to inspire you for summer.

Bringing Important Memories Into Your Decor

Bringing memories into your decor is a great way to show more of your personality, fill your home with love and happiness and ensure that your decor is always unique. It’s a wonderful way to make a house a home and give it plenty of personal touches, creating a talking point and giving your rooms new focus. Your home, after all, is your private space. It’s where you are free to relax and be yourself. Nothing makes this easier than being surrounded by important memories and things that mean something to you. Here are some ways to incorporate your memories into your decor

Inntravel UK Walking Holidays

When I start planning my holidays, I always think of going to Europe or further away but I am very blessed to be living in the UK where there are various cities to explore and what better way to do that then on a walking holiday with Inntravel. They offer many types of walking holidays all year round and whatever your fitness level, including self-guided, non-group walking, village-to-village walking and family trips.

I particularly love walking wherever I am in the world, I think it's the best way to get a feel for a place, but even if you loathe walking just think of the refreshing fresh air, exercise and amazing views of the countryside you could be experiencing. But also walking takes you away from the hustle and bustle of your ordinary life. It's sometimes nice to forget about our mobile phones and switch off from social media and the internet, this means you can interact more and reconnect with your friends, partner or children.

How to Wear Polka Dots

Retro trends are definitely making a comeback, first came the gingham trend but now it's all about Polka Dots! You might think of the black and white colour combination when you think of polka dots but I'm here to show you that there's lots more brighter, summery colours on the high street and also different sized dots! Meaning you can keep it subtle if you want or if you're really daring you could even wear head to toe polka dots or even mix them up with stripes!

 There is plenty of polka dot styles on the high street including trousers for a more tailored look, cute polka dot blouses that you can pair with denim, wrap style dresses for the office or shopping trips and also sophisticated skirts like mine! This huge summer trend, might even be a bit of competition for florals (if that's even possible) but I have managed to incorporate them too with todays cute summer look.

Bottomless Brunch at Aster London

We've all heard of brunch but the "newish" trend inspired by America and now taking over UK cities including London is Bottomless Brunch. So last weekend I planned a trip to London to see my friend Hannah who lives there and we booked my first ever bottomless brunch (yes I know where have I been doing with my life?). We decided to go to Aster Restaurant and Cafe in Victoria, London because she has been before and said it was amazing! As soon as I saw the floral decorations on the door I was keen to get inside and experience it for myself.

Five Must See Places and Sights Around the World

When we think of our travel bucket list or just simply the places we want to travel to there is always a reason why we want to travel there, usually it's because the place has a hidden gem, it's famous for a particular reason or has a popular landmark that is drawing you to that particular country. There are some cities you should visit and others that can be skipped but that is your own personal preference. But you can be assured no matter where you live in the world, there are incredible places and architectural sights to see, so make sure you eventually tick them off your list because you'll only regret it in the long term. Below are my must see places to inspire you for your next trip away.

Four Steps To Creating a Fabulous Home Office

Being able to work from home can be a great perk of blogging or even a full time job. But if you don’t have a space that is fit for purpose, then it can mean that your days are less productive, and there are too many distractions to help you to get on with your tasks. Not everyone is going to have a specific spare room to use as an office, and some will use a corner of their bedroom or the dining room. But if you do have a dedicated space, then here are some tips to help you design it with productivity in mind.

How to Make a Small Bathroom Look and Feel Bigger

Most of us can live with a small living room. If we can fill it up with pillows and throws, then a small living room is sometimes preferable to one that’s too big, especially on those chilly autumn and winter nights. Ditto the bedroom! But when it comes to the bathroom, these rules don’t apply. When we’re trying to get ready for work or a night out with friends, we don’t want to feel cramped into a small space. But if we can’t change the size of our bathroom, then what can we do? We can try to make it seem bigger than it is by using these simple solutions.

Styling Lemon Prints for Summer

If you've heard the saying "when life gives you lemons make lemonade" well I say when life gives you lemons wear them! Yes you heard me right tropical lemon prints are going to be a big trend this summer dethroning the pineapple trend we all know and love. Lemon prints have already been seen squeezing onto a selection of accessories, blouses, dresses, bikinis and lots more on the high street. I already own a blouse which I'm styling today and a phone case from CaseApp. Yes the obsession has started...

But why are we starting to fall in love with this tropical print so much? For starters it's colourful, fun and fresh and has been seen on various catwalk shows including Dolce and Gabbana. 

Smart Ways To Save Money In Life

Life comes with its fair share of monetary costs that we all have to pay. You face expenses such as rent (or mortgage payments) and utility bills on a monthly basis because you need a roof over your head. Of course, some of the costs we incur are non-essential luxuries such as holidays or meals at nice restaurants with our friends, but you might argue that luxuries are essential to keeping us happy. The point is that you probably see a big part of your income vanish on a variety of expenditures every month. However, you might be able to reduce those expenditures (both luxuries and necessities) so that you have more disposable income. Here are some smart ways to save money in life.

Review: Custom iPhone Case with CaseApp

A few weeks ago got in touch asking if I wanted to review any of their custom mobile phone cases, iPad or laptop skins. Having wanted a new iPhone case for ages I jumped at the opportunity, especially because I could make it unique and personal to me! CaseApp is also rather affordable their custom phone cases start at £19 for a glossy or matte case and £22 for an extra tough case if you plan on dropping your phone all the time like I usually do. The skins are much cheaper starting at £12 because it's simply an adhesive sticker. Standard delivery starts at £2.

What Do Accessories Really Add To An Outfit?

When you're having one of those days where it seems like you have nothing to wear and being fashionable is a daily challenge, but if you don't think outside the box or step put of your usual capsule style you may miss out on that selfie worthy outfit and of course if you look good, you feel good! There are plenty of ways you can update your outfit, you could put a bralette under a kimono, pair denim on denim or simply add various accessories such as a belt, scarf, jewellery, sunglasses etc. But how can accessories make such a difference?

Four Ways to Change Your Life & Take Charge of Your Future

We can't predict the future, but the decisions we make now can go a long way towards helping shape our future. It’s vital to think about what you want out of life and to be proactive about going out there and getting it. You can make decisions now that will help you take charge of your life, and every day you will be hopefully working toward a brighter future for yourself. 

 The years go by so fast these days I still can't get my head around that I am now 26 years old! But take it from me it's best to take advantage of opportunities while you’re still young especially when it comes to your personal and work life. There are so many great ways to change your life and shape your future, and the more you can focus on this now, the better it will work out in the long run. 

7 Day Style Challenge with Cybele

If you've been following me on social media this month you would of seen me taking part in my first ever blogger challenge and posting about fabulous lounge wear from UK lingerie brand Cybele who is the younger brand of Naturana. I was set a 7 day challenge along with three other fashion bloggers to style their lounge wear as day wear and prove that it can be done!

Foolproof Gifts That Work Every Time

To some people, picking a gift can be incredibly difficult, especially if you have known the person a long time. To others, it can come naturally. Whether you’re someone that always picks the perfect gift the first time or someone that always resorts to gift cards and socks, I've put together a couple of foolproof gift ideas that are guaranteed to work every time whether you're planning on buying gifts for fathers days, birthdays or even wedding gifts.

Ideas For A Luxury Weekend Away

Sometimes you need a break from the busyness of life, and a weekend away could definitely on the cards. Choosing where to go however, can be a task in itself because you have so many factors to think of like time that you will be travelling, the cost, and how easy the whole process is to arrange. There are so many beautiful places around the world that it can be mind boggling to try and choose where to go next, so here are some ideas for you to take a look at for a luxury weekend away.

Riga, Latvia Travel Guide

Riga, Latvia is probably not on the top of your travel bucket list and neither was it for me but this could all be about to change. The whole reason I booked Riga was because my birthday fell on the Easter bank holiday meaning I was looking for somewhere new and exciting to travel too. I always like to use the "everywhere" feature on skyscanner and on this occasion I came across cheap flights (£60) to Riga in Latvia with Ryanair. After a quick google I decided Riga looked really lovely and booked straight away. None of my friends or family had visited before so I really didn't know what to expect and after reading other travel bloggers posts I really got the feeling Riga was an underrated, less touristy destination, making me even more excited to go and explore!

Top 5 Summer Short Haul Holiday Destinations

With Summer just around the corner, the days are getting longer and the weather getting warmer; which means that it's time to start making plans for your next holiday full of sunshine, sandy beaches and maybe a cocktail or two! From Holiday Gems you can find many short haul holiday destinations to choose from that are just a 2-4 hour flight away meaning you can splash out on a seven-day break or even a long weekend.

Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Bedroom

If you ask me, the bedroom should always be the most important room in the home. It’s the place where you go to when you want to wind down and relax, but that can be a little bit harder to do that when you have a bedroom that’s not quite fit for purpose. There’s always more you can do to improve the quality, aesthetic and functionality of your bedroom, and just simply make it more exciting!

Guest Post: Spring Proof Your Skin - Say Hello Glow and Bye Bye Dry

I was commiserating with a family member recently about how dry and sensitive our skin is due to the changing temperatures and environment (we were sledging not long ago and today it's 10 degrees!). It got me researching ways to keep your skin looking flawless when the seasons change and with my findings I have created this simple step-by-step routine to blow away the Winter cobwebs and get your skin glowing ready for the warmer weather. As well as trying out Liz’s gorgeous 80’s curls tutorial I invite you to join me in Spring proofing our skin!

Beautiful Bathroom Designs

The bathroom is one of two places for people. It’s either somewhere that is rushed about in the morning because alarms were ignored, and all of the sudden there’s only ten minutes to get ready for work. Or, it’s a place of total relaxation at the end of a busy day. Whatever it may be to you, if you're planning a bathroom renovation there's no reason why you shouldn’t be searching for some beautiful bathroom designs and go all out. You may only redesign it once after all.

Photo by RW Studios on Unsplash

Stylish Stripes for Spring

Spring is the one word I have been waiting to hear since January and since the dreaded beast from the east hit us in the UK. So when the clocks went forward last Sunday my blogger wardrobe was ready and waiting and so was the beautiful pub garden at the Saxon Mill in Warwick. Even though I only live 15 minutes away I had never been here before but came across it on google and knew it was perfect for a sunny spring day and a great opportunity to take some new outfit pictures of my new striped top.

Instagrammable Places in Oxford

Oxford is just over an hour from my hometown of Stratford Upon Avon and a place I love to explore when I get the chance, one of my best friends also lives there so I've become quite familiar with the streets and the most beautiful places to take photos. It helps that in Oxford you will find wonderful architecture, amazing restaurants and one of the oldest and most famous universities. So if you love photography as much as me or just want to fill your Instagram with pretty pictures I have compiled a list of my favourite places to take photos in Oxford.

Signs That You May Need Glasses

Wearing glasses can happen to anyone at any stage of their lives, I have worn glasses myself since I was five years old when they were not so trendy! But wearing them from a young age has meant that I now only have to wear them for reading and computer work which is great!

Many people do find that when they grow older, when our bodies start to change you may gradually lose your sight. Whether it's down to ageing or simply the fact that we spend a lot of our time staring at our phone or computer screens, if you feel you need to get glasses from somewhere like Glasses 2 You or even contact lenses to aid you in sight it's so easy to book an optician appointment and find glasses that are suitable for your eyes.

How to Spend 48 Hours in Edinburgh

Living in the UK there are so many places to travel to including Scotland way up north and even though I have travelled a lot in my twenty-six years I have never ventured that far, so going to Edinburgh for the weekend was very exciting and a new place to explore. I booked this particular trip for the boyfriends birthday because what do you get a guy who has everything... we decided to travel by train because it was way cheaper (advance ticket £30 each) and it takes about four hours from Birmingham. We also stayed in a super cheap Travelodge on Queen Street which was super central to explore this beautiful city that has lots to offer.

Top Places To Visit For #StressFreeShopping

Shopping is one of my favourite pastimes, I love getting together with friends and family to browse around the shops and maybe even get a spot of lunch and now spring is just around the corner it's the perfect time to get out and about. Even if you know someone who has mobility issues be it a friend or family member like me, my grandad unfortunately has Parkinson's which means he has to use a mobility scooter when shopping because he is unsteady on his feet.

Whether you have mobility needs or not, shopping should always be stress free and a memorable experience that's why I have teamed up with Fenetic Wellbeing, an amazing mobility company who provide customers with the right mobility products for their individual needs plus they offer free delivery and a one year warranty on all of their mobility products. I am getting involved with their #StressFreeShopping campaign, to look at the top places to visit for an enjoyable stress free shopping day in the midlands.

Winter Layering with Lapasa

This past week, the UK has been hit by Storm Emma a mix of snow and high winds with temperatures reaching as low as -5 where I live, which rarely ever happens and of course the UK is never ready for such temperatures. The only other time I have been in lower temperatures than -5 is when I travelled to the Icehotel in Sweden, so I really needed to find some appropriate winter clothing if I was to leave my house.

Luckily I was gifted a new winter coat to review just in time for the snow fall by Lapasa, a Canadian brand that specialises in performance and fitness wear focusing on comfort, high quality and high-tech clothing. With a base in Hong Kong and a store on Amazon meaning its super easy and convenient to get hold of their designs of yoga pants, sports bras, leggings, underwear, fleeces, coats and shirts for both men and women.

Below is how I styled the Lapasa coat for the winter chill in my home town of Stratford Upon Avon looking even more beautiful in the snow.

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

With less than a week until Mother’s Day, you may have purchased your gifts already but if you don’t already know what you are getting her, don't fret there's still plenty of time!

For me, my mum has done so much for me throughout my life, and Mother’s Day is the perfect time for me to thank her for all her hard work and love by spoiling her with something extra special. There are plenty of options but here are some of the best gift ideas for your mum.

Why Paris Is The Perfect Place For A City Break

Anyone who wants to travel the world will at some point consider visiting the French capital. Not only is Paris famously the city of love, it also has a thousand other magnificent hidden corners to explore. In fact, for one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world, you could visit numerous time and always come across more and more surprises each time you go. In many respects, Paris is the perfect holiday destination, hence why I have visited three times in total and I'm sure anyone else who has visited will tell you, and which Parisians themselves will confirm with pride. But why is this so?

How To Get 80s Curls With Glam & Style Chopstick Styler

When I think of 80s hairstyles I automatically think of Olivia Newton John blasting out "Lets get physical" in her headband, Madonna with her punk ponytail, Whitney Houston sporting curly locks and of course the many hair styles of the female cast on one of my favourite TV shows growing up "Saved By The Bell" which actually debuted in 1989. Wow I feel old...

But if you're missing the decade already, it may be time for comeback! There are plenty of celebrities embracing the volume and frizz of the 1980s including Jennifer Lopez, Blake Lively and most recently Emma Stone and Jaime King have been bringing the perm back. Although perms may look great on some, they can seriously damage your hair so I've got a much quicker way of getting a fabulous 80s hairstyle with chopstick stylers by Glam & Style.

A Very Vintage Day Out

Judy's affordable vintage fair came to Leamington Spa the weekend, which is just twenty minutes driving distance from my hometown. This is the first time a vintage clothing pop up has been so close, so I was really eager to go. I've always had a love for vintage dressing, as soon as I see those cute collars, faux fur and pleated dresses I feel as though I've stepped back in time and the best thing is you're always going to look unique!

A Weekend Guide To Bath

Bath is one of the most popular places to visit in the UK, tourists flock to this beautiful city to see some of its major attractions; from the Roman Baths to Bath Abbey and the Royal Crescent, to the Thermae Bath Spa. I live an hour and a half from Bath by car, so I really have no excuse not to visit and even though it's a little chilly in February there's so much to see and do in Bath. And you can see a whole lot in a weekend in Bath!

Gluten Free Guide to Bath

My boyfriend and I visited Bath this weekend to celebrate a new job for him and coincidentally three and a half years together but also to check out Baths culinary scene. I have previously written some gluten free guides on the blog because Blake is coeliac and even though I am not, I'm happy to eat gluten free food and share my favourite finds with my lovely readers.

Bath is home to some of the best producers in the country meaning incredible quality culinary ingredients and of course the famous bath bun.The first ever Farmers’ Market in the UK was held in Green Park Station, Bath and they are also well know for their GIN and CHEESE, so what's not to love?

What I noticed about Baths food scene was that there was a mix of traditional and modern restaurants along with independents and chains. I researched Bath's gluten free cafe's and restaurants before we visited and I was surprised at how many there was, it was difficult but we eventually narrowed it down to the following.

Tips For Preparing For The Trip Of A Lifetime

If you’ve been hit by the travel bug (like me constantly searching for new places to go) and you’re busy planning your next adventure to a faraway destination, the chances are that you can’t wait to set foot on the plane. Embarking on your travels, to see the world is a truly uplifting experience. You will have the chance to immerse yourself in new cultures, eat new cuisine and take in new and wonderful surroundings. However, before you take your trip overseas, you need to consider if you’re fully prepared with these helpful travel tips.